Exploring Math Concepts Through Digital Tools

We are all mathematicians. Even then we ask — what is the role of math in everyday life? It’s a common question, and we still don’t see the answers. Math isn’t only the nightmare of homework from childhood. One-touch smartphone calculators and personal digital assistants bring us the answers, but mathematics remains a life skill.

But how enjoyable is it? Here are some websites that bring you the wonders of everyday math, and some problem solvers to take on the challenges. Learning math with these websites is truly too good to be true!


MathABC is the best site to practice arithmetic. The site has colorful graphics, is fun and informative, but doesn’t lean heavily on explanations.No matter what age or level you’re at, you should give MathABC a try!Other suggested sites include: Math.com and Arithmetic Game which provides an online speed drill.


  • Math Goodies is the best site to learn pre-algebra, as the site focuses on theory and information, but also provides educational exercises immediately following the lesson.

Other sites include: Cool Math and Math Tutor DVD which includes a nice set of online quizzes.


Algebra is no joke, and is often mentioned as the basis or “gatekeeper” for all the other levels, and is also considered a must if you want to comprehend other levels.

At this stage it is important to get a firm grip on theory, while at the same time practicing as much as possible. Graphics and pictures can be thrown out the window as they might be intrusive. Clean and straight-to-the-point text is what matters.

  • Math Planet does a great job at presenting example math problems and provides an instructional YouTube video at the end of every lesson for further explanation.

IXL Learning is another great site to review and practice algebra. Check out the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 sections.


After algebra the next step in the right direction towards learning math can be geometry. There are some that say geometry, which is the study of shapes, should be taken before algebra 2, but the order is entirely up to you.

What matters at this stage is plenty of practice and a good grasp of theory. You can get both with a few sites, but the site that really stands out from the others is Math Warehouse.

The site does a great job of bringing together explanations, graphics, and explanation videos. You can even use their online calculator for better practice.

IXL’s Geometry page is great. You can learn even more with Class Zone, a site which promises to improve your test-taking skills.


Trigonometry is usually taken after geometry, as it deals with the measurement of sides and angles of triangles. Throw in 3-dimensional figures and it gets more interesting. It is used across all sciences like physics, engineering, and chemistry.

The best way to learn anything in math is to know how to get to an answer. The best way of doing that is to practice, and while this site has only a few examples, Dave’s Short Trig Course does an excellent job at presenting trigonometry in easy-to-follow explanations and graphics.

Varsity Tutor provides fine practice tests for any aged learner, and Brilliant is also laid out nicely for easy clarification. Practice to your heart’s content!


Calculus, which is the study of of change through mathematics, is best learned through a thorough understanding of theory. A great way to get this type of understanding is to clearly see what you’re learning, and then to be able to put your theory to practice. And although calculus should be broken up, between derivation and linear for example, Free Math Help does a great job of presenting each lesson as its own.

The site brings together theory, examples, three calculus calculators (a derivative, integral, and limit calculator), and even an interactive problem solver, which is quite useful for some problems.

Everything is clearly shown and laid out on the free site. Check it out!

17Calculus is an excellent site for college level calculus. Learnerator also provides a great amount of practice questions for you to review.


A most useful level of math is statistics, or the science of collecting and analyzing numbers and data.

Statistics is mentioned last in this math guide because it is usually taken by seniors in college as a final math course. Though this isn’t always true, it is often the case.

After combing the web for the best statistic course or site, we found a Statistics 101 YouTube channel that really does a great job at explaining stats. You don’t even need to have a great mathematical background to understand what is being taught.

The videos are an average of around 25 minutes long and use graphics and examples to explain statistics.

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